The Satraps Collection
The Satraps Collection consists of 5,000 unique collage-style art pieces that will live as NFTs on the Songbird, Flare, and Optimism networks. The Satraps will have 5 hierarchical classes – each class will possess unique powers and utilities. (Read More)
The Satraps Court
The Satraps Court is a decentralized-app that hosts a number of utilities for the Satraps NFT holders. (Read More)
Each Satrap holds a certain amount of voting power depending on their class and other attributes. Satraps can cast their votes and make decrees.

The Senators enjoy the highest voting power which equals to 50 votes per Senator.
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Web3 Identities
The Satraps will vote and decide which metrics to be used for identity verification in Web3 Identities Protocol. A robust community-led identity verification protocol can create verifiable trust between Web3 businesses and their customers (Read More)
Sovereign Communities
Certain domain extensions (also known as ID extensions) on Songbird and Flare will be used as a token of community membership. All NFTs that have voting power at the Satraps Court will be able to delegate their votes to an ID name.
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Ethics Scoring System
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